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Giselle Salon 2, 18.02 – 19.02.2022, Giselle’s Books · Marseille

Giselle Salon 2

18.02 – 19.02.2022
Giselle’s Books · Marseille

Giselle Salon returns this year with the intent of focusing on international publishing initiatives that cultivate community energies among their readerships.

This year guests have been selected for their ability to dialogue with specific audiences fostering long lasting relationships and interests within their respective scenes. The participants of this edition not only devote their titles to cultural or artistic dimensions but also strive their initiative around specific themes and subjects that embodies their very own paths of publishing practice.

Giselle Salon 2 is decidedly concerned with reflecting on the scale of larger commercial book fairs by committing to a small amount of projects and providing a meeting to Giselle’s Books library members and interested persons. The event seeks to go beyond the mere transactional aspect of book buying and selling, by providing a convivial and sympathetic space for meaningful discussions and engagement. Attendees will have the opportunity to browse and purchase a specially curated selection of titles from the variety of publishers presented below.

Cassandra Press
Founded in 2016 as an extension of the multidisciplinary practice of Kandis Williams, Cassandra Press is a co