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at the local repair

Sarah Rosengarten
July 25th — August 26th, 2019

Written about before* is the loss of language when traveling one’s own body. How-to is this daily and weekly, maybe less so longterm enigma to explore. Although, can I formulate this as a goal(?) when it spooks me too much to loose my ability to speak; as I anyways mostly search for it. Is anxiety my bodybuilding?? You do know athletic activity comes in many forms. So I really can. Throw myself into work-out – check my lack indicating greater muscle to come – roam my own self – ultmately approximating new landscapes ?


Most eggplants have a bitter-tasting surface. For lunch I sliced one up and roasted it. I ate the slices with the skin and it was truly bitter. I ate 5, .. way-y too many, before deciding to peel.


The story that the cosmetic brand Avène is basing it’s successful development on, is that of ahorse with a skin disease, freely wandering around in the slopes of the Pyrenees. The horse findsthe spring of St. Odile and rolls around in the water, drinks from it and is soon cured entirely. The spring became a Spa, the Spa became a skin treatment facility, the facility now has a hotel attached which resembles in it’s architectural appeal an over-polished spaceship. Altogether it’s called ‘Avène Thermal Station’. Most frequent visitors are older women and children with psoriasis and eczema, probably due to the fact that the minimum length of stay is 6weeks. The place is constantly surrounded by herds of butterflies which the director of the placecalls ‘too much’.


hmmm… spend a couple of hours.

*e.g. Against Ordinary Language: The Language of the Body by Kathy Acker